The NanoBook – cheap but effective?

photo of the Via NanoBook

The latest gadget to pique interest on the tech blogs is the NanoBook Ultra Mobile Device by Via Technologies.

I like the concept because it delivers function over form, value over beauty for the your technology dollar. If your technology is a lifestyle and design accessory, the NanoBook is not for you. But if you are looking for value in a mobile product, look no further. It’s actually something I’d be tempted to buy.

The benefits:

  • full PC functionality and internet experience
  • 7″ display screen
  • 4 hour battery life
  • truly portable – compact, less than 2 pounds in weight
  • established mobile platform
  • wrapped in an accessible $600 USD pricetag

The verdict from Engadget ‘s test drive:

… while there are a few compromises — the touchpad is way too small, there’s no integrated WWAN (apart from the possibility of that optional module we mentioned), the pop-in module takes up space that we’d rather they’d used for a larger display, and there’s probably not quite enough RAM for a full-fledged Vista experience — the prospect of paying just $600 for full-fledged ultraportable laptop that weighs under two pounds is mighty alluring.

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